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All-Inclusive ICF ACC Credential

Beginning Fall 2017, CCM@WCC has streamlined the coach training program. The all-inclusive ACC credential level program provides 80+ hours of coach-specific training through four courses and four practicum performance evaluations. The program schedule can be completed within three semesters.  Find detailed class information by clicking on class links below.  Check out the current schedule here.

Fall Semester

Basic Coaching Skills & Ethics 

Learn and practice the ICF Core Coaching Competencies and Code of Ethics. Leverage your strengths, understand professional boundaries, and avoid common pitfalls.

Enrollment Fee:  $325.00


Coaching Proficiencies

Learn the language of masterful coaching. Created by the late Thomas Leonard, founder of the ICF, these 15 proficiencies bring coaching to life for both coach and client.

Enrollment Fee:  $325.00


1 Practicum Performance Evaluation *

Enrollment Fee:  $275.00


Winter/Spring Semester

Play Two Win Method

Unleash the spirit of play in this practical 9-step coaching method! This is the framework that ensures any endeavor in life can be played for tangible results.

Enrollment Fee:  $650.00


2 Practicum Performance Evaluation

Enrollment Fee:  $275.00 each


Summer Semester

Group Mentor Coaching

Expand your coaching skills and develop both competence and confidence in your role as a coach while you prepare for the ACC credentialing process through the ICF.

Enrollment Fee:  $325.00


1 Practicum Performance Evaluation

Enrollment Fee:  $275.00



* Program Requirement Practicum Performance Evaluation

Live demonstration of your coaching skills under the guidance of an ICF certified coach. Written feedback of your coaching is included. All students are required to attend 4 practicum performance evaluations and must pass at least 1 performance evaluation at the ACC skill level.

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