Global Classroom with Local Presence

The Ultimate Learning Environment

To say that life is busy is an understatement. The notion of "free time" is more myth than reality. In an already full life, adding something new will require creative environmental design.  We've done just that for you by providing an easy to get to local classroom at Westchester Community College's Valhalla Campus and creating an even easier to access virtual classroom through Maestro Conference.

Alternating Classroom Locations

Alternating between live and virtual class sessions gives you the flexibility needed to pursue your dreams

We will alternate between live in-person class meetings and live virtual/teleconference class meetings. One week we connect face-to-face and the next we connect by phone. 

Our reasons for this structure

To respect you - Most people experience entirely too many interruptions as it is, therefore to respect you we must respect your time.

To keep your costs low - You'll save time and money by 'commuting' to class by phone every other week.

To provide the best training - You'll be prepared to coach your clients in either environment.

Westchester Community College, Valhalla CampusOur Local Classroom

Westchester Community College is our solid foundation. On the weeks we meet live on campus for class, we'll gather at the Valhalla Campus.

To make finding your way easier, click on the links below.

 Click for directions to WCC Valhalla Campus from Google Map 

Click here for Bee-Line Bus Schedule Information

 Click here for help planning the trip to campus

 Safe and Supportinve EnvironmentSafe and Supportive Environment

Once on campus, you'll enjoy a safe and supportive environment.  Tobacco-Free - As of 9/1/12, Westchester Community College is proud to be a tobacco-free campus. The policy was initiated primarily in response to the overwhelming scientific and medical evidence indicating the serious health risks of second hand smoke.

Campus Security -- The objective of campus security is to provide a safe environment for learning and sharing and to protect the lives and property of the students, employees of, and visitors to the campus.

Westchester Community College recognizes the necessity of a community which is open and intellectually stimulating, where diversity of ideas is valued and every person’s safety, dignity and autonomy is respected whether they are students, faculty, or staff, and regardless of race, ethnicity, age, religion, class, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, or disability. Here are a few of the security measures:

  • Free educational programs on a variety of topics including personal safety awareness, rape awareness, sexual assault training, and anti-theft programs.
  • The campus is well lighted in parking areas and pathways frequently traveled by students.
  • There are Emergency Blue Light phones strategically located throughout the campus and in the lobby of each building.
  • By calling extension 6984, or 914-606-6984 from an outside phone, a person may request an escort to his/her automobile.

Your virtual classroom can be from ANYWHERE! Attend Class From Virtually Anywhere

Our primary objective is to provide the best possible coach training and support, to the widest group of people possible, with the fewest barriers to access and learning. We do this by leveraging technology.

Question What is a teleconference or teleclass? 
Answer A live education/training session delivered over a shared telephone line. Students engage with everyone dialed into this virtual classroom. 

QuestionWhat kinds of equipment do I need?

AnswerTelephone or Internet access with speakers + Email account 
QuestionHow do I connect with the class? Zoom
AnswerWe use Zoom, a social conferencing platform with unique features that enable truly real-time collaboration, screen sharing, and web camera interface. You’ll be given a special telephone number and PIN code.

On the day/time of our virtual class session, call the number and enter your PIN code.

That’s it!  You can literally call into your classroom from anywhere in the world. That’s what we mean when we say Global Classroom.

QuestionWhat happens if I can't connect?

AnswerGlitches happen, but thankfully they are rare. Power outages, downed phone lines, and computer errors can make it difficult to reach your classroom. We will always have a back-up plan.

QuestionWill I have to pay for the call?

AnswerConnecting with class through your computer is free using Zoom. You may also call into class via telephone, though charges may apply depending on your calling plan.