Class Experience

A little structure for a whole lot of self-expression

Whether we're meeting face-to-face on campus or live by teleclass, we'll follow the same basic plan.

Welcome and Class Overview

A quick overview of the ideas that we’ll cover in the class session.

Sharing Your Week in Action

We'll take 10ish minutes to freely share about your experiences from the previous week. Anything from using a technique successfully to making a mistake with something new. 

Come to class ready to contribute so that everyone has the benefit of your experience and wisdom.

Class Length 2.5 hour classes (similar to most university graduate degree programs.)

The Big Idea Experienced in 3 Ways

By discussing, observing, and  practicing the big ideas of each class session together, the skills and methods really gel.

1. Conceptual

Your class coach will initiate and encourage an engaging conversation regarding the theory, method, skill, or business development technique planned for the session. 

Through conversation, you’ll experience the information conceptually.

But that’s not enough to make great ideas useful in the real world.

2. Observation

Prior to and during the class session, you'll listen real coaching -- either as a recorded session or live with your instructor coach. You'll have the opportunity to see ideas in action.                     

By observing the information in action, you’ll begin to contextualize the ideas making them more relevant and useful.

But that’s STILL not enough to give you the confidence to go out and actually coach people. That’s why you’ll practice in class, too.

3. Practice

During your first class, you'll be paired with a fellow student coach. This person becomes your practice partner for the rest of the class.

Practicing from both client and coach perspectives is vital for truly understanding the coaching process.

Practice During Class Sessions

One partner is the coach and the other is the client for a 30-minute session.

Practice Between Class Sessions

Recriprocal 30-minute session that flips the roles allowing both students to experience coaching and being coached. 

Practicing throughout class is your opportunity to make a skill or technique all your own. You'll 'play it' all into your personal style.

Class Syllabus On-line available anytime. You're expected to have reviewed class material and listened to the coaching demonstration before each class session. 
Social Gaming Playing your way through class is the 'coach approach' to learning.  On-line available anytime.  Answer questions about big ideas and share your thoughts about key concepts to earn points!

No exams or quizzes. Your points come from playing the game. Take a look at the standards for passing courses.

'Real' Coach Practice Coach at least two people outside of class each week.  Fee paid or pro bono - it's up to you. If you're moving toward ICF certification, you'll need to meet their practice requirements.
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