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There are so many questions to ask before embarking on a new journey. Below you'll find a few of the most common questions and a general answer.

If you don't see your question, or the answer isn't quite complete, use our handy form to let us know. It is vital that you've gotten ALL the answers to ALL your questions, so ask away!


 Enrollment Questions

+ How do I enroll in a class at CCM@WCC?
+ What if I don't have a Visa or Master Card to pay for class?
+ How do you protect my financial information over the Internet?
+ What if I want to drop a class?
+ What happens when a class is cancelled?

 Coaching Questions

+ What is professional coaching?
+ What do people talk about with a life coach?
+ How much money can a life coach make?

 Coach Training Questions

+ What is required to pass a class?
+ Can I miss a class and still earn credit?
+ How do you track attendance?
+ Will I have to take a test?
+ What if I don’t earn 50 points on a game card?
+ What are the benefits of becoming a certified professional coach?
+ Why should I consider professional certification?
+ Does Group Mentor Coaching earn 12 CECUs for Certified Coaches?
+ How do I download documents and class recordings?

 ICF Certification Questions

+ What if my live attendance is lower than the ICF requirement of 80%?
+ How long will it take to become certified by the ICF?
+ What is the total cost to become ICF certified?
+ Are there levels of ICF certification?
+ What are ICF's credentialling requirements for ACC certification?
+ If I coach as part of my job, can I count those hours as paid coaching practice?
+ Can I calculate group coaching hours toward the coaching practice requirement?
+ Do I have to apply for ACC before applying for PCC or MCC?
+ How long will ICF take to review my certification application?
+ When can I start the application process?
+ Do I have to attend an ICF-approved training program?
+ What does "ICF-approved program" mean?
+ What are CCEUs?
+ What are ICF's member eligibility requirements?
+ Do I need to be certified?
+ Does the ICF require that I take a test?

 Westchester Community College Questions

+ Where is WCC’s Valhalla Campus?
+ What are other classes offered at WCC?
+ What are the security measures in place at WCC?
+ Where can I get a snack before class?

CoachVille Questions

+ What does 'Powered by CoachVille' mean?
+ Why do I need to join CoachVille?
+ Who is Thomas Leonard?
+ Who is Dave Buck?

Game Card Questions

+ What is a 'game card?'
+ How many game cards are there per class?
+ How long do I have to play a game card?
+ How are game cards 'social?'
+ How do I protect my privacy with game cards?
+ Who can share on my game card?

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