Additional Program Information


Classroom Meeting Locations

Some courses will alternate between an in-person campus environment and a virtual environment, while others will only meet in the virtual environment.

·       Alternating Environment Courses

·        Classes alternate between the WCC Valhalla Campus and a virtual classroom via Zoom.  Session #1 meets on campus and #2 meets via Zoom. The alternating schedule continues this pattern, i.e., odd numbered sessions on campus and even numbered sessions via Zoom.  Courses that utilize an alternating environment:

·  Basic Coaching Skills and Ethics

·  Coaching Proficiencies

·  Play Two Win Coaching Method

·       Virtual Environment Courses / Exclusively via Zoom

·        Group Mentor Coaching

·        Practicum Performance Evaluations


Optional Printed Learning Guide

All courses include on-line fillable PDF learning guides and other documents, audio recordings, etc. Students may choose a paperless interaction or print the materials themselves.  Where available and as an option, students may purchase a printed learning guide to be delivered on the first day of the course. The printed learning guides are the same as the on-line version and are printed in color, spiral bound, with clear protective front and back covers.


Payment and Refund Policy

All enrollment and other fees are payable prior to the start of class.  In accordance with Westchester Community College’s refund policy, students may receive 100% refund when dropping the course at least 2 days prior to the first day of the course. After this date, no refund will be granted.


Requirements for Successfully Completing Courses

To successfully complete (pass) courses, students must meet point accumulation and live attendance requirements as described below.  Both criteria must be met before the student is deemed to have successfully completed the course.


·       Point Accumulation / Game Card Scores

o   There are no tests or quizzes for courses. Instead, students accumulate points by sharing experiences and insights through our social gaming system by answering questions and commenting on fellow student shares on game cards.  Each game card captures the course work of 3 class sessions and each game card requires an accumulated score of 50+ points.

§  Basic Coaching Skills and Ethic = 2 Game Cards

§  Coaching Proficiencies = 2 Game Cards

§  Play Two Win Coaching Method = 4 Game Cards

§  Group Mentor Coaching = 2 Game Cards

§  Practicum Performance Evaluations = 0 Game Cards, instead, students receive in-depth written feedback that includes an assessment (score) of skill.  To qualify for ICF ACC credential, students must demonstrate ACC level skill mastery for at least 1 practicum performance evaluation.


·       Attendance

o   As required by the ICF, students must be present in attendance for at least 80% of applicable class hours.  Students receive two attendance tracking code words in each class session and must enter them onto the course syllabus to record his or her attendance as live.    The first code word is given at 10 minutes after the start of class and the second is given at the end of the class session.  The only authorized person to share or verify any class code word is the course instructor. Our integrity regarding code words is essential to ensure continued approval by the ICF therefore, any student who shares any code word may be removed from the program without refund. Should a student miss a class session, the student is required to listen to the previously recorded class session and indicate attendance as self-directed.

·        Courses that require at least 80% live presence for course hours:

·        Basic Coaching Skills and Ethics

·        Coaching Proficiencies

·        Play Two Win Coaching Method

·        Courses that require live presence for 100% of the course hours:

·        Group Mentor Coaching

·        Practicum Performance Evaluations

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